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Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is a special tool every business owner needs to pay attention to. We’ve heard the stories..

Either you trusted a team member with your marketing, and that person ended up getting busy with other tasks or quit..

Or you outsourced your marketing to a company in the middle of nowhere and got middle of nowhere results.

Small Business Marketing You Can Trust

At Juno we are a small team which makes it easy for us to stay highly engaged with your team and make sure work gets done! 

There is no unfamiliar face and we aim to make every connection count. 

Speaking of connections, meet the friendly yet vigilant, Juno!

small business marketing

You Need a Business Partner Like Juno

That’s because marketing isn’t “ruff” when executed properly and with a plan.

In order for the bells and whistles to sound the same, it requires a partner who won’t leave your side.

Don’t get us wrong, at the start we might be chasing squirrels until we build a solid plan of execution.

But rest assured there will always be a way to execute on any strategy.

Having a marketing agency like Juno by your side is just like having your own dog marketing department.

How Can We Help?

small business marketing services

At Juno Marketing we offer a variety of small business marketing services. From content creation through original content and videos, to SEO and blog writing, to online ads and social media. 

Our objective is to make Juno Marketing, a one stop shop for business owners. Learn more about our services by clicking below.

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Small Business Marketing with Juno

Online marketing is quickly becoming more relevant every day. Businesses are turning to social media and online advertising to stay on top of the competition and remain relevant in their industry.

If you’re searching for a company to take over your online marketing efforts, look no further. At Juno Marketing we are hands on with every client. Unlike other agencies, we take time to meet with clients to discuss strategies, create original content and go over current online marketing data.

Tracking Online Marketing Progress

The best part about investing in online marketing is that we can track what actually works. At Juno, we have tools in place to track all of the online activity across all platforms.

These tools provide real insights that we can use to modify any marketing strategy.

Local Marketing Strategy

There are many different ways to focus on your online marketing strategy and it can be time-consuming for business owners to manage their digital presence with consistency.

We offer monthly management services for local businesses that are struggling to keep up with their digital marketing.

Upon a free consultation with Juno, we can provide you with a clear vision for your marketing efforts. Just let us know when we can help!

How Can We Help?

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