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Tired of outsourcing your marketing to a company in the middle of nowhere and getting middle of nowhere results? If so, meet Juno.






The Importance of Online Marketing

Online marketing is quickly becoming more relevant every day. Businesses are turning to social media and online advertising to stay on top of the competition and remain relevant in their industry.

If you’re searching for a company to take over your online marketing efforts, look no further. At Juno Marketing we are hands on with every client. Unlike other agencies, we take time to meet with clients to discuss strategies, create original content and go over current online marketing data. 

Tracking Online Marketing Progress

The best part about investing in online marketing is that we can track what actually works. At Juno, we have tools in place to track all of the online activity across all platforms.

These tools provide real insights that we can use to modify any marketing strategy.

Local Marketing Strategy 

There are many different ways to focus on your online marketing strategy and it can be time-consuming for business owners to manage their digital presence with consistency. 

We offer monthly management services for local businesses that are struggling to keep up with their digital marketing.

Upon a free consultation with Juno, we can provide you with a clear vision for your marketing efforts. Just let us know when we can help!



I’m Leo Mesquita — a digital marketing consultant who specializes in content creation, social media, advertising, and SEO optimization.

My core philosophy in marketing is this:

An online marketing strategy is only effective when you can track it.

When we get this part of marketing right, we can learn from what’s not providing value and capitalize on what actually works.

I’ve used this same approach to serve different industries and clients, such as; Advantage Restoration & Contracting, CF Heating and Cooling and my other business, Norma’s Plant City Cuban Sandwich Shop. 

Before running my own digital marketing business and restaurant, I worked for several years as a Sourcing Specialist for a fortune 500 company.

The experience learned from that corporate job was key to learning how successful leaders run and operate their business.

Nowadays you’ll find me at local business events, visiting clients or at Norma’s. Apart from the business day-to-day, I’m a homebody and enjoy hanging out with my wife, Skotti and Juno (my rescued Pitbull).

You’ll often find me talking about entrepreneurship and topics like the startup business process, mindset and how to live the life you envision.

If you’d like to reach out, send me an e-mail –  



Prior to starting Juno Marketing and Management, I was a local business owner who required local marketing services just like you. 

I understood the importance of online marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, at the time I wasn’t able to pay thousands of dollars a month for a Marketing Agency to provide all the services I required. 

So, I took it upon myself to learn and develop the skills necessary to make my restaurant stand out from the competition. 

Those skills I developed, got me here.  

It’s with the experience of owning a local business, understanding budgets, expenses and all of the other sacrifices that come with growing a business that makes working with Juno a unique experience.