Restaurant Marketing Plan – Alarm goes off at 4:00 AM, by 4:30 AM Joann needs to leave her house so that she can begin all the opening tasks for her restaurant. Joann is a small restaurant owner and her restaurant operations take much of her time away from the rest of the business.

Even though Joann has been running a successful restaurant for the past couple of years, she’s falling behind on staying in touch with her customers and remaining competitive with other local restaurants.

While Joann prepares daily specials and weekly catering order deals, she’s been finding hard to promote her new ideas.

That’s when a light bulb finally goes off and she decides to reach out to Leo at Juno Marketing for a restaurant marketing plan.

She knows Leo owns a restaurant in a similar small town as hers and that through his digital marketing expertise, he has been able to sell many of his specials through e-mails, social media and an optimized website.

After a free consultation with Joann, Leo took charge of drafting a restaurant marketing plan to keep her customers engaged, increase her communication through online channels and advertise to the right audience.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants: Restaurant Marketing Plan

Leo explained to Joann that every restaurant needs a digital marketing strategy in order for all online marketing efforts to align together.

Upon a couple of questions about her business the following data was determined:

  • Most of Joann’s customers were in between the age of 35-60
  • There is an equal ratio between female and male customers
  • Rush hour is usually between 7:30AM to 8:15AM and 11:00AM to 1PM
  • Her restaurant is surrounded by schools, churches and other local businesses

Based on these demographics and details about her business, Leo at Juno Marketing and Management created a digital marketing strategy that Joann was extremely excited about.

Below are some of the steps Leo will use to make sure Joann’s restaurant is getting the visibility it deserves:

Restaurant Marketing Plan Steps

Step #1 – Collect Current Data

Fortunately, Joann had a Google My Business account setup. Through Google My Business, Leo was able to dive in through some of the highest searched keywords online users typed on Google before calling Joann’s restaurant of clicking on her website.

It’s with this data that Juno Marketing begins to create a plan to optimize her website. Some of the keywords for her restaurant included “restaurants near me”, “breakfast food” and “take out breakfast”.

Step #2 – Website Optimization

After learning about some of the keywords already being used to find her business, Leo also uses a keyword planner software to see which other keywords are popular in her local town.

After a list of 10-20 keywords, Leo begins to optimize her website for SEO.

SEO is referred to as “search-engine optimization” and it’s crucial that Joann’s website ranks on the first page of Google for most of the searches related to her business.  

Step #3 – Blog Posts

Blog posts add to the website optimization strategy where keywords are strategically placed throughout the blog post to attract users searching for those specific keywords.

In addition, it contributes to weekly updates of the website with added links and blog pictures.

Step #4 – Social Media Posts

Due to her current following base and most of her customers already being on Facebook, Leo decided to spend most of the focus on her Facebook Business Page.

Consistency is going to be key to gain traction with organic content and a content schedule will help guide the social media posts.

In addition, Instagram will be a brand-new platform where high quality food pictures and happy customer pictures will be posted.

Step #5 – E-mail Newsletters

The most effective way to stay in touch with your customers is thorough e-mail marketing. Although Joann doesn’t have an email list, Leo will create a landing page where customers can enter their email address for promotions and discounts.

The e-mail newsletters will be sent once a week with all the promotions, events, discounts and anything else Joann wants to advertise. In addition, links to the most current blogs and online ordering will also be included in the e-mail newsletter.

After the digital marketing strategy is vetted by Joann, she can feel less pressure knowing that Juno has her covered!

So, are you a restaurant owner or local business owner looking for help? Contact me below and let’s talk.

Leo Mesquita

Strategy Director

Juno Marketing and Management