Grow Your Business With These 5 Digital Marketing Strategies

The continued development of coronavirus currently provides many business owners with an uncertainty of normalcy, and it has forced many to change their business strategy.

Mobile access of online information has increased by 215% as the consumer behavior is shifting to an online consumption of news, products and entertainment.

“The impact of COVID-19 is widespread, and it will shape business and consumer behavior for months to come. And while the humanitarian and safety-related aspects of this outbreak are top of mind globally, it’s unquestionable that social distancing, quarantining and staying home have had significant effects on media consumption.” (Source: The Nielsen Company).

As business owners, we are now forced to change our business strategy to adapt to the on-going regulations of the outbreak. With that being said, here are 5 digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

1. Grow Your Business with a Sales Funnel

Establishing a sales funnel is key to growing your business. A well-thought out sales funnel strategy will direct customers through all your products and services. While there are different ways to create a sales funnel strategy, one that has worked for me and several of my customers start with the collection of customer data.

An example includes a landing page with an opt-in for a customer’s phone number or e-mail address. Building a list of potential customers has never been more important.

Since you’re limited with how you can interact with your customers, following up with them through online channels will help spread the message about your business.

2. Collect E-mails

Once you have executed on the strategy above and have collected a few e-mails, you can create newsletters to drive your potential customers through the next step of your sales funnel.

Whether that’s a link to a product you sell or a way to set-up a consultation call, e-mail marketing is still a powerful tool.

You can use an e-mail marketing automation platform like mailchimp, activecampaign or convertkit to start adding and sending e-mails. Although there is a small cost to these services, it’s very affordable and easy to use.

3. Spread Your Message and Engage Through Social Media

It all starts with communication and engagement. Social media is free to use, and you can reach millions of users. As described in the beginning of this article, there has been a significant increase of online demand! Therefore, create a social media strategy that is consistent and engaging.

4. Have an Optimized Website for SEO

Ever wonder how to get your business to rank on Google? Well, that’s a strategy that can be a bit more technical but it’s worth investing on. Optimizing your website for SEO is likely one of the most important ways to grow your business through digital marketing.

If you didn’t know, SEO stands for search-engine optimization. One of the many ways to standout and get to the first page of Google, is to ensure your website is frequently updated with relevant keywords and content while having an above average load speed.

For more on SEO, click here.

5. Online Ads

The traditional form of advertising through the newspaper and magazine is slowly dying off. As the new generation becomes more internet dependent, there has been an increase in online advertisement. For that reason, shifting your advertising budget to online ads is a great strategy to consider.

The best way to invest in online advertising is by understanding where your consumers are spending most of their time. For example, Facebook ads are a great way to sell products. You can target specific demographics, behaviors and trends.

Google ads are usually best for immediate services such as plumbers, contractors or dentists. Although the click per cost can be expensive, the return on ad spend is worth the investment.

If you’re a business owner consumed by all the other tasks that take to run a business, consider partnering up with a digital marketing consultant. After all, consumer behavior is currently changing and becoming more perceptive to online content.

As always, if I can be of any help just reach out. Growing your business is a priority to me too!

Leo Mesquita – Digital Marketing Consultant