It’s 2020 and businesses won’t survive without an optimized website. Having a proper designed website with relevant information and keywords should be the number one priority in order to gain visibility online. Google is the number one search tool and having the right SEO strategy is a good first step to get your business listed on the first few pages of Google.

To those who are not familiar with online marketing, SEO can seem overwhelming and it’s usually something business owners will outsource. However, without knowing the basics of what a good SEO strategy can do for your business, you’ll be on the mercy of the SEO company you hire to find a solution for your online campaign.

SEO Strategy for Any Business

At Juno, I meet with clients when explaining my proposal and how SEO really works. This helps to ensure a mutual understanding of the effort it takes to get visibility through online searches. With that being said, below is a list of items I explain to my customers as part of the scope of services that I’ll be performing in order to improve their website and online marketing.

Optimize Website For SEO

  • Rich in high-search keywords
  • Use key word software or Google Trends as a free tool
  • Look at your Google Analytics account to see which keywords are driving traffic to your website
  • Updated with proper meta tag descriptions
    • This is what shows on Google as the description of your website
  • High graphic and relevant pictures with Alt Tag descriptions
  • Frequent updates to website (minimum of twice per month)

Frequent Updates to Website and Blog Posts

  • Make sure H1 and H2 headers have relevant keywords
  • Link building between blog posts – keep users on the page
  • Create blogs about what’s being searched on the web
  • Refresh website by deleting a few old posts that aren’t getting visibility

Link Building

  • E-mails and social media should include links to your website
    • Include your business web address in order websites that might talk about your company (ex: chamber of commerce, an advertisement, a blog post)

Register Website with Google Webmasters

  • Google Webmaster will track performance of your website
  • It will give you an average page position on Google
  • Provide reports with any errors or load speed

These are just some of the things every business owner should know about SEO, especially when outsourcing this job to a company you know nothing about. Building an organic online presence can take time but with the right strategy in place and consistency, there shouldn’t be a reason as to why your business doesn’t get any visibility.

If you’d like any help with website design, optimization and SEO feel free to reach out to me below! I’ll be sure to explain every step of the process to make sure we understand where we currently are and where we need to go!


Leo Mesquita